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Nutrition Coaching

Age Range: 13+ |  Experience Requirement: None

Unlock your full potential with our customized meal plans and nutrition coaching. Our experts will design a personalized approach to fuel your CrossFit performance, optimize recovery, and achieve your fitness goals. From tailored meal plans to ongoing support and guidance, we'll help you nourish your body for success both in and out of the gym.

Do you face any of these challenges?

  • Been on multiple diet plans but are not seeing any results
  • I find it difficult to maintain a proper nutrition
  • My current knowledge isn't suitable enough to reach my goals.

How This Program Will Help You

Stay Healthy, Stay Fit

Our CrossFit programs are designed to develop the ability to control external objects and produce power. Enabling you as an individual to excel physically.

Mentally Motivated

CrossFit empowers your mental health to improve over the course of our programs and help you deal with self-esteem, confidence, and staying motivated!

Improve Focus and Discipline

CrossFit workouts have a way of clearing your mind so you can focus on what really matters. This carries over to every aspect of your life in the most positive way. 

Why the Sicklerville Community Loves Our Fitness Studio

Hailey Glover recommends Golden Phoenix Grit

via Google

I’ve been going for a few months now. I love so much about this gym!! I am encouraged to go my pace but also push myself, there are different workout EVERYTIME I go which is so crucial for my body to respond to, the trainers are all awesome and the owner took the time out to actually contact me personally about my goals. So happy I started my journey there and I can’t wait to continue!

Kelly recommends Golden Phoenix Grit

via Google

I've been going to Golden Phoenix for about 2 months now and I love it! Coaches are great and I've met some great people! I would highly recommend this gym!

Samara Meireles recommends Golden Phoenix Grit

via Google

I cannot say enough good things about FUEL! It really is a family. We work HARD at a pace that we can handle. We work together and push each other to teach our goals. The workouts are hard but doable. I absolutely love it here! Can’t say enough good things.

Andrew Kauffman recommends Golden Phoenix Grit

via Google

This gym is the best! The owners are extremely nice. Tina works hard to keep the classes challenging and fun. All of the instructors are really motivational. It's always really clean. The weight room is excellent as well. Everyone that goes is very friendly and good with sharing. The spin bikes are the best ones I've ever ridden. I'll never go to a chain gym again. This family business has so much better service.

Jennifer Sikorski recommends Golden Phoenix Grit

via Google

A great gym full of great, supportive people. I chose to start coming her after a friend recommended and I was looking for a place with classes. Well Fuel has been amazing. Lots of different classes to choose from….which is what I need! I get bored easily and need to change up. I also need someone to push me when needed, and these classes are great for that! There is also small workout area with weights and cardio. Fuel is def like a family….and I am happy to be a part of it!

Allie Falvey recommends Golden Phoenix Grit

via Google

I love this place! I love how many different classes are offered. I don't feel judged when I can't keep up but I'm given the right amount motivation to want to keep up. I actually enjoy and look forward to going to the classes! Tina even filled my water bottle back up during a class so I didn't have to miss anything! Tina's awesome!

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